Fruchilla-T concentrate to machine to drink

Fruchilla-T is a delicious, healthy blend of
fruit juice and iced tea.

What is Fruchilla-T?

Fruchilla-T is a brand new iced tea product from The Rainbow Syrup Company. 

A delicious blend of naturally flavoured fruit juice and iced tea, it's the perfect cold beverage for cafes, fast food outlets, school canteens, health & sports clubs and more.

Fruchilla-T distribution and retail packages, including dispensing machines, are now available - get in touch today or read on to find out more.

A Healthier Alternative to Traditional Iced Tea

No Added Sugar

Just lower GI fructose from fruit juice

All Natural Taste

No artificial sweeteners or flavours

Added Vitamin C

Up to 65% of recommended daily intake

Regular iced tea drinks contain refined (added) cane sugar.

Fruchilla-T is different: as a blend of naturally flavoured fruit juice and iced tea, the only sugar present is lower GI, completely natural fructose.

No added sugar.

No artificial sweeteners or flavours.

 Just the goodness of fruit juice with added Vitamin C and the natural antioxidants from tea.

4 Health Star Rating
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An Excellent Foodservice Business Opportunity

Dispense Machines

Vibrant branding for point-of-sale impact

8:1 Concentrate

Great value and yield

Exceptional ROI

For distributors and retailers

With consumers becoming increasingly health-conscious, now is the time to incorporate Fruchilla-T into your retail or distribution offerings. Not only is it healthier than regular iced tea drinks (and just as tasty), but it also provides excellent value and yield.

 With an 8:1 concentrate, you'll be getting 18L (51 x 350mL serves) of drinkable product from one 2L bottle. We anticipate that retailers could make between 70 and 80% gross profit when using our recommended retail price.

Ice Cold Dispensing Machines

Fruchilla-T is designed to be dispensed from our branded drink dispensers, which are both affordable and easy to maintain. The machines are a great way of keeping Fruchilla-T ice cold and refreshing whilst attracting customers with their vibrant colours and rotating paddles.

The dispensers are available as part of our distribution and retail packages, which also include point-of-sale merchandise, branded cups and promotional posters.

Fruchilla-T dispensing machine

6 Delicious Natural Flavours

With more in development.

Lemon flavour
Orange and Mango flavour
apple and blackcurrant flavour
Wildberry Flavour
Lime and Grapefruit Flavour
Minted green tea flavour

Get in Touch Today

If you are interested in distributing or selling Fruchilla-T, don't wait. Get in contact today!

Phone: 07 3205 4931

Business hours: 7am-3pm Monday-Friday

Fruchilla-T is a product of The Rainbow Syrup Company

Russell Dryer, Director

Russell Dryer, Director

Rainbow Syrup Company Production Team

Production Team

Rainbow Syrup Company Production Line

Production Line

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